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Seraph Fighter

Seraph FighterCov.png

Cost: Credits0 Metal0 Crystal0
Build Time: 20 seconds.
Hull: 170
Armor: 3, very light
Experience value: 5
Laser Damage: 19.5
Laser Cooldown: 12
Squadron of fighters good at taking out bombers.



A modified version of the standard Seraph bombers, they were used to protect Bomber squadrons from Longsword squadrons. They have since been pulled from service and replaced by the Banshee Interceptors.


When the Covenant began using Seraph Bombers to destroy high priority targets such as the SMAC Platforms, the UNSC in response started deploying defensive strike-craft, including the extremely dangerous Sabre Interceptors. To protect their bombers from all but certain destruction, the Covenant started to mass produce Seraph Fighters.

Given the perilous nature of the job given to the pilots of the Seraphs only the most expendable and bloodthirsty are put into the cockpit of a Seraph. As such the most numerous pilots are Sangheili and the Jiralhanae. The Jiralhanae unlike other positions they are forced into absolutely love the brutal combat that ensues in space combat and are more than happy to volunteer for the role. As such there is no shortage of pilots in the Covenant ready to lay down their lives for the Great Journey.

While they were scarily effective, Seraph fighters were slow and sluggish in a fight, and were hard to mass-produce in large numbers. Thus, the Covenant designed the Banshee Interceptors to provide even better protection through massive numbers, phasing out the Seraph Fighter altogether.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

When using your Seraph Bombers to destroy UNSC Orbital Defence Platforms ensure that you have plenty of these fighters. The enemy Sabres will prioritize your fighters over the bombers making it easier for them to destroy your intended targets.


0.56 Release

  • The Seraph fighter is removed and replaced by the Banshee Interceptor.

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