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Shiva Nuclear Missile[]

Shiva fired from a Phoenix-class assault ship.

The only non-MAC weapon even the Covenant fear, the Shiva Nuclear Missile is a thermonuclear fusion warhead capable of incredible amounts of damage and have been known to wipe out entire Covenant fleets if properly used. Shiva Missiles are standard issue on UNSC capital ships and can be an admiral's best friend and the difference between victory and defeat.


A powerful ability is that equipped on all UNSC capital ships. This missile has the ability to deal massive damage on hit and deal a small bit of splash damage. In addition, the massive heat created by the fusion reaction and the EMP effect on the target cause powerful debuffs to nearby ships, increasing weapon cooldown and causing disruptions to key systems.


Ability User: UNSC Capitals
Ability Type: Active
Target: Enemy capital ships, frigates, and structures
Antimatter Costs: 100 -> 125 -> 150
Cooldown Time: 100 -> 125 -> 150
Duration: 45 -> 60 -> 75
Range: 13000
Effects(Primary Target):
  • Abilities disabled
  • Construction disabled
  • Phase Jump disabled
  • Sub-light main engines disabled
  • Sub-light maneuvering engines disabled
  • Passive regeneration disabled
  • Weapons disabled
  • Damage: 5000 -> 5200 -> 5500


  • Varies by range from Impact
  • Damage
  • Weapon Cooldown - Debuff
  • MaxSpeed - Debuff
  • Acceleration - Debuff
  • Remove Antimatter