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Sinoviet Dry Dock


Cost: Credits500 Metal50 Crystal0
Build Time: 46 seconds.
Uses: 1 Logistic slot(s).
Hull: 4000
Armor: 0
Experience value: 30

 The Sinoviet Dry Dock is a structure contracted by the United Nations Space Command.

It excels in rapidly churning out lighter warships and support vessels to man the UNSC's desperately-needed warfleets.


« Allows construction of frigates. Build multiple factories to construct more ships at the same time.
The Dry Dock's description


After learning of Reyes-McLee's partnership with the UNSC, Sinoviet Heavy Machinery banded together with various other small shipyard companies that had previously been employed to construct ships for the UNSC and launched a class-action lawsuit against both Reyes-McLee and the UNSC.

The central issue of the case was whether the UNSC was allowed to give exclusive construction rights to Reyes-McLee, a practice that would effectively give the company a monopoly on ship construction and would drown out any competition. The suit was met with universal condemnation from the populace at large, but was actually ruled in the claimants favor. A similar contract was given to the various companies that gave them the rights to build 'light' ships, (i.e. frigates and cruisers) for the UNSC.

Sinoviet Dry Docks are actually manned by a variety of different corporations because under the terms of the agreement they had to use a universal shipyard design. Many designs were submitted and a panel of impartial peers created. Sinoviet's design won the contract and has since made a fortune.

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Canon Reference[]

Sinoviet Heavy Machinery halo.wikia

'Sinoviet Dry Dock Station' is a non canon facility based on the dry dock facilities seen in Halo: Reach.

Made By[]

  • Modeller - Lord_Set
  • Texturer - Annihilater102

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