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ONI Prowler

Oni prowler.jpg

Cost: Credits100


Build Time: 9 seconds.
Uses: 2 supply.
Hull: 2000
Armor: 1
Experience value: 20
Pulse Laser Damage: 3
Pulse Laser Cooldown:
A small, stealthy ship that specializes in reconnaissance work.



ONI Sloops are corvette-class stealth ships mainly used for scouting /exploration, as they are weakly armored and poorly armed.


The smallest ship in the UNSC navy, the Sloop is used when subterfuge and stealth is required. Only lightly armored and with almost no weaponry, these ships use stealth to gather intelligence for the planning of larger attacks. The Sloop has been in use for many years and is due for retirement in the wake of more advanced designs.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

The Sloop's sole "armament" is a small pulse laser that is utterly useless except for ordinance disposal. Use these to scout planets and on occasion to reveal and destroy mines. The Sloop also comes with a passive ability, "Chance to Miss" that increases survivability, but, at best, only against the lightest militia groups.

Canon Reference[]

Although the Sloop itself is canon the SotP model is not. A concept art of it was made for Halo 3: ODST, but never made it into the final product.

Made by[]

  • Model - a_lleras
  • Texture - Keksz



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