Tecnniqe & Jotun Civic Advancement Center

Cost: Credits750 Metal60 Crystal80
Build Time: 68 seconds.
Uses: 4 Logistic slot(s).
Hull: 4500
Armor: 0
Experience value: 30
Used for improving and researching new UEG civic technolgies. Each lab also slightly improves the build time for orbital structures.


Overview[edit | edit source]

They are used for improving the average lives of the UEG citizen by advancing technology and knowledge in fields such as horticulture and medicine. Some research can only be achieved when a certain amount of stations are built.

History[edit | edit source]

When Jotun Heavy Industries, a major manufacture of farming equipment, and Techniqe, a small time electronic manufacturer and distributor, got together to create the Tecnniqe & Jotun Civic Advancement Center, many in the UEG were dubious about the partnership and the results they would get. These doubts were quickly put to rest when the duo released their first new technology which allowed for faster, cleaner and more cost effective terraforming of planets. This research also widened the potential 'goldilocks zone' for planets, increasing the number of potentially colonizable planets. Since then, the duo has unveiled many new technologies, vastly improving the quality of life for the average UEG citizen.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[edit | edit source]

Canon Reference[edit | edit source]

Jotun Heavy Industries halo.wikia

Tecnniqe halo.wikia

Part of a research station was shown in the Halo: Reach trailer, Birth of a Spartan, and was an inspiration for the SotP model.

'Tecnniqe & Jotun Civic Advancement Center' is a non canon facility.

Made By[edit | edit source]

Modeller - Lord_set

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