Sins of the Prophets Wiki


Template usage

To show a ship panel on the right of page.


name (OPTIONAL) The name of the ship. If specified over-rides the page name for the ship
race UNSC or Covenant
button (OPTIONAL) The name of the image containing the button (Appears in top left of panel)
image (OPTIONAL) The name of the image for this ship
cost (OPTIONAL) Cost to build, For example: {{iconCredits}}300 {{iconMetal}}80 {{iconCrystal}}35
buildtime (OPTIONAL) Time to build in seconds.
uses (OPTIONAL) The amount of supply used in building this ship.
hull The Ships Hull value
armor The ships armor value
shields (OPTIONAL) The sheild value
antimatter (OPTIONAL) Amount of Antimatter
experience (OPTIONAL) Amount of Experience (Pirates only)
weapon1 (OPTIONAL) Name of the first weapon
weapon2 (OPTIONAL) Name of the second weapon
weapon3 (OPTIONAL) Name of the third weapon
weapon4 (OPTIONAL) Name of the fourth weapon
damage.weapon1 (OPTIONAL) Damage caused by weapon 1
damage.weapon2 (OPTIONAL) Damage caused by weapon 2
damage.weapon3 (OPTIONAL) Damage caused by weapon 3
damage.weapon4 (OPTIONAL) Damage caused by weapon 4
damage.bombing (OPTIONAL) Average amount of damage inflicted by Planetary Bombing.
note (OPTIONAL) Notes relating to the ship (These are the ones in green).
desc (OPTIONAL) A brief description of this ship
shortcut (OPTIONAL) The key that is used as the shortcut (Captial letter please)