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Test of Faith[]

The Covenant aren't known for their ingenuity, in fact it's theorized that there isn't a single scientist on par with any human graduate scientist in the entire Covenant. Most of their thinking is indoctrinated and simple with the exception of the Sangheili who actively try to innovate new means of combat and warfare though often to little success. Their combat strategies are generally as such pretty simple, the Test of Faith appropriately is just a power play, every system on the ship except shields and weapons is shut down and the ship begins firing it's laser weapons at everything it can find as quickly as possible. Despite the crudeness of the tactic and the enormous risk in doing so, the weapons have been known to fail completely, the Test of Faith is nonetheless devastating.


This is a useful ability when you are versing a very large fleet of ships since it can quickly pick away at multiple targets. In the event you have multiple ships with this ability you may have enough damage to destroy all enemy anti-strike-craft vessels immediately which gives your strike-craft some breathing room.


Ability User: DOS-class supercruiser, CAS-class assault carrier, Redemption-class battleship
Ability Type: Active
Target: Enemy Frigates, Capital Ships, Structures, Starbases
Antimatter Costs: 150
Cooldown Time: 240
Waves: 10
Range: 12000
Damage per wave: 60