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ACD-class Transport Craft
Super DestroyerCov.png
Cost: CreditIcon.png 0 MetalIcon.png 0 CrystalIcon.png 0
Build Time: 12 seconds.
Hull: 1000
Armor: 0, light
Experience value: 0
The Covenant commerce vessel.



The ACD-class is a vessel designed for trade and transport between Covenant worlds. They tend to frequent trade routes between Trade Ports or Matter Processors depending on the role.


These ships are traditionally crewed and commanded by Kig'yar who feel at home on these vessels due to the lack of Covenant oversight aboard, however the trips often don't go as long as they'd like given that the Covenant Slipspace technology is so powerful, most trips don't take more than a day.

It's common for these ships to also be raided by Kig'yar which fits well with their history, these pirates commonly sell or hoard stolen cargo; considered heretics by the Covenant they actively hunt down these pirate ships. These vessels are generally unarmed so piracy is a very real problem within the Covenant.

Weapons and Tactical Usage

Although there is no tactical usage for the ACD-class outside of the obvious economic advantage there is need to protect these ships. When a Trade or Cargo Ship is destroyed the controlling player loses income and the aggressor gains the income that the controlling player lost.


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