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The space forces and support assets UNSC commanders have at their disposal.


As of SotP 0.90, it has been introduced a leader-based system which allow a distinguished style of play without necessarily changing faction. As such each leader can specialize in a certain type of play, but he's not constrained to it. Buffs received have no drawbacks, meaning there are no tradeoff traits for anyone involved. These buffs are received by a linear tech path split among multiple branches of research, spanning from early to late game. Three leaders are available for each faction.

Vice Admiral Cole[]

Vice Admiral Cole is the most offensive leader in UNSC roster. Seizing the sentences a good defense is a good offense, commander Cole focuses itself on hard hitting fast assaults and tearing his enemies apart with overwhelming firepower and numbers. To achieve this, it takes advantage of the strong industrial power available to UNSC by creating massive, fast moving fleets and improving damage's output of all weapons. He is diametrically opposite to Admiral Hood.

Name Improvements Upgrade time Description
Executive General Order
  • Range: +5%
  • Combat XP: +20%
  • Fraction salvaged: +5%
  • Unlocked Engine Refit for original Halcyons
276 seconds Improves range for all weapons, it makes faster for capital ships to gain experience and it salvages automatically a small percentage of the value of enemy ships destroyed during combat
3-to-1 odds
  • Fleet Capacity: +100
  • Ship build rate: +20%
414 seconds Grants additional fleet supply and increases ship build rate. This is necessary in order to build massive fleets as fast as possible.
The Long Haul
  • Max provision: +50%
  • Hull repair rate: +20%
  • Bombing damage: +5%
  • Credits gained: +1.0
552 seconds Increases maximum provisions, repair rate and planet bombing damage for all ships, as well as it grants credits while bombing enemy planets. Provisions are necessary in order to lengthening time before supply ships are needed.
Far From Home
  • Turn rate: +25%
  • MAC damage: +10%
  • Archers damage: +10%
  • Fraction salvaged: +10%
690 seconds MAC and Archers damage are increased, alongside ships' turn rate and automatic salvage percentage. Being the last upgrade it considerably increase UNSC ships' offensive capabilities, allowing fleets to tear enemy forces apart with a massive firepower.

Overall, Cole is a all-offensive leader. Its advances in enemy territory are often fast, thanks to a faster ship build rate which can replenishes fleets unceasingly, and its high-than-average alpha strike can tear enemy ships apart before they could fire. Differently from Hood armors and hulls are not improved, if through traditional upgrades doesn't, so alpha strikes gets much more relevance in order to avoid a high casualties rate.

Cole has access to unique vessels, as all leaders, namely:

  • Noryang-class light carrier, a heavily armed and nimble carrier under service with Vice Admiral Cole’s expeditionary fleets, the Noryang augments Admiral Cole’s fleets with fast moving, hard hitting fighter support and light repair duties;
  • Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser, a command vessel that provides local buffs for nearby friendly vessels, while having powerful MACs and good armor;
  • Hillsborough-class light destroyer, a lightly armed but versatile destroyer pulled from mothballs to serve in Vice Admiral Cole’s hastily-formed response forces. Armed with an excess number of Ares missile pods, the Hillsborough performs well in long range, drawn out engagements.

Vice Admiral Stanforth[]

An ONI man to the core, he's focused on asymmetrical warfare and unlimited deployment of prowlers. Being an ONI man, it's granted to him access to the most technological human tools, other than scout units, and this is why he carefully plans attacks where the enemy is weaker, maximizing damage and finished it with specialized equipment. He is deeply different from both Cole and Hood.

Name Improvements Upgrade time Description
ONI Requisitions
  • Research speed: +15%
  • Research cost: -15%
  • Market price adjustment: +10%
276 seconds Reduces black market price and research cost, while it increases research speed, useful to field specialized ships as fast as possible.
Going in blind
  • Range: +50%
  • In-system Slipspace jump speed: +20%
414 seconds Improves Slipspace speed for all ships as well as AA guns range. Grants all ships 3 points armor and 300% acceleration bonuses for 60 seconds after completing the jump.
  • Gravity tolerance: -10%
552 seconds Allows ships to make the Slipspace jump closer to the planet, decreasing time to get into position before a jump.
Slipspace monitoring network
  • Slipspace jump detection out to two jump
  • Vision over planet under Stanforth's influence
690 seconds Being the last upgrade possible, it is what marks Stanforth's tactic.

Overall Stanforth as less evident upgrades compared to both Hood and Cole. These are rather focused on predicting enemy movements, raiding enemy rear guard, laying traps, but it also grants some head-on fights thanks to the Thanatos battleship. Surely prowlers are a key component under Stanforth's command.

Stanforth has access to unique vessels, as all leaders, namely:

  • Sahara-class heavy prowler, a prowler frigate acting as a “heavy hitter” in prowler fleets. It can also lay out nuclear minefields for approaching enemy fleets, and helps guide battles into favorable engagements;
  • Razor-class prowler, a surgical strike tool that is specialized in bypassing shields, and disabling enemy defensive structures;
  • Point Blank-class stealth cruiser, a versatile support ship and a prowler in all but name, the Point Blank lends itself to Stanforth's clandestine activities with a number of ONI related gadgets. While a valuable support vehicle in itself, the true power behind the Point Blank is its ability to coordinate cloaking across multiple vessels in close proximity, allowing entire fleets of prowlers to move in and out of cloak in unison;
  • Thanatos-class battleship, built on the lessons learned from decades of losses against the Covenant, its bleeding edge designs give it the ability to smash enemies apart at range and close-in, surpassed only by the Infinity in pure destructive power.

Fleet Admiral Hood[]

A conservative flag officer, Hood is the bastion of defensive operations and he cares about colonies. As such he has access to the most advanced defensive technologies for both starbases and ships; his strategies focus on caution and massive counterattacks by slow and strong battle fleets, while starbases are enhanced to withstand attacks of all size. He is diametrically opposite to Admiral Cole.

Name Improvements Upgrade time Description
For the Colonies
  • Orbital defense capacity: +4
  • Bombing survival: +50%
  • Tax income rate: +10%
278 seconds Gives four extra tactical slots to every planet and it also reduces civilian casualties when a world is bombarded, other than improving tax income for all planets.
Defensive bastion
  • Max hull points: +50%
  • Unlocked Original structure for Halcyons
414 seconds Grants additional hull points for starbases and it unlocked Original structure ability for Halcyons, granting them additional 1,000 hull points.
Starbase optimization
  • Additional starbases: +1
  • Max hull points: +10%
552 seconds Increases starbases' hull points and grants an additional Anchor base in a gravity well.
Eye of the storm
  • Armor: +2
  • Starbases' upgrades cost: -20%
690 seconds Being the last upgrade possible, Hood maximizes defense through an increased armor and a less cost when upgrading a starbase. Moreover, when he loses a planet, all ships under his control gain 10% faster rate of fire, a 20% faster Slipspace travel, 15,000 hull points and full provisions restorations, lasting for 600 seconds. This upgrade is vital in order to withstand attacks of all size.

While Cole are more strike-oriented, boosting alpha strikes in order to destroy as many enemy ships as possibile before they can hurt UNSC fleets, Hood prefers to improve defenses and launching counterattacks when the enemy has used up its initial strike. It should be noted that advancing in enemy territory with Hood is much slower, as its improvements are useful in a all-defense strategy - additional tactical slots and Anchor starbases are quite important - and ship build rate is not so fast as under Cole's command.

Hood has access to unique vessels, as all leaders, namely:

  • Stalwart-class light frigate. Armed similarly to Paris-class frigates, but with better point defense guns, a planetary defense grid is incomplete without a contingent of Stalwart-class frigates stationed nearby;
  • Athens-class heavy carrier, a slow and old carrier which, however, is heavily armored and capable of hosting much more starfighters than its traditional displacement.



Artemis-class Battlecruiser[]


Role: Long-range engagement
Cost: Credits3000 | Metal300 | Crystal400
The Artemis-class is a long range sniper ship with dual MAC guns, capable of taking on covenant ships at long range with high success.

Autumn-class Heavy Cruiser[]


Role: Heavy cruiser
Cost: Credits2000 | Metal400 | Crystal300
An advanced heavy cruiser, the Autumn-class takes both the advantages of the Marathon and the Halcyon. Outdated as of 0.90 version.

Epoch-class Heavy Carrier[]

Epoch Heavy Carrier.jpg

Role: Heavy carrier
Cost: Credits2450 | Metal400 | Crystal350
The heaviest carrier currently in service, exceeding the tonnage of both the Orion and the Poseidon, the Epoch-class is capable of taking extreme damage in combat and carrying a large complement of strike craft.

Marathon-class Heavy Cruiser[]


Role: Heavy cruiser
Cost: Credits950 | Metal250 | Crystal90
A mainstay of the UNSC fleet, the Marathon-class is capable of dishing out significant damage though at the cost of low durability while being cheap.

Orion-class Assault Carrier[]


Role: Colonization
Cost: Credits 1100 | Metal 300 | Crystal 200
The Orion-class is a heavy support ship that excels in the carrying out and support of planetary invasions.

Phoenix-class Assault Ship[]

Phoenix class assault ship.jpg

Role: Colonization
Cost: Credits2100 | Metal375 | Crystal200
The Phoenix-class (Support) can assist in planetary assaults, buffing allied fleets, and debuffing enemy vessels. This craft also holds a squadron of strike crafts.

Punic-class Supercarrier[]


Role: Super carrier
Cost: Credits 5500 | Metal 1000 | Crystal 1150
The most powerful carrier ship in the UNSC roster aside from Infinity and Thanatos-class, Punic-class vessels field a significant number of strike crafts and weapon systems.

Point Blank-class Stealth Cruiser[]


Role: Command / Sabotage prowler-type vessel
Cost: Credits3500 | Metal375 | Crystal550
A heavy capital prowler, the Point Blank-class is proficient leading prowler fleets and disrupting enemy rear-line infrastructures. It's exclusive to Vice Admiral Stanforth.

Thanatos-class Battleship[]


Role: Next-generation Battleship
Cost: Credits6000 | Metal1200 | Crystal1000
A combat bastion, the Thanatos-class is able to slug it out with just about any opposing force when leading a fleet in tow. It's exclusive to Vice Admiral Stanforth.

Valiant-class Super-Heavy Cruiser[]


Role: Fleet coordination
Cost: Credits1900 | Metal300 | Crystal150
An armored command vessel, the Valiant-class can hold its own in combat and buff the fleet around it as well. It's exclusive to Vice Admiral Cole.


Charon-class Light Frigate[]

Charon class light frigate.jpg

Role: Planetary siege
Cost: Credits350 | Metal45 | Crystal5
The UNSC's main planetary assault ship, the Charon-class is capable of supporting invasions with its troop transport bays.

Gladius-class Heavy Corvette[]


Role: Anti-strike
Cost: Credits300 | Metal25 | Crystal5
The Gladius-class is a fast patrol and security vessel, fielding an extensive sensor suite and an impressive anti-air system.

Halberd-class Destroyer[]


Role: Destroyer
Cost: Credits550 | Metal60 | Crystal35
A destroyer, the Halberd-class carries remarkable durability and power for its tonnage.

Halcyon-class Light Cruiser[]


Role: Light cruiser
Cost: Credits700 | Metal110 | Crystal10
A mainstay of the UNSC fleet, the Halcyon-class is known for taking considerable damage thanks to a tough hull, but it's armament is a joke.

Halcyon-class Refit Cruiser[]


Role: Light cruiser
Cost: Credits850
A variant of the original Halcyon, the Halcyon Refit cruiser has a simple superstructure which is also weaker, however is considerably better armed while retaining the same armor points of the original class.

Hillsborough-class Light Destroyer[]


Role: Destroyer (with sustained DPS)
Cost: Credits450 | Metal70 | Crystal5
Old destroyer refitted to combat Covenant, the Hillsborough-class has a weaker MAC gun compared to Halberd-class but it is fitted with more powerful Ares missiles. It's exclusive to Vice Admiral Cole.

Paris-class Heavy Frigate[]

Paris class heavy frigate.jpg

Role: Heavy frigate
Cost: Credits355 | Metal40 | Crystal5
The mainstay of UNSC combat fleets. However only huge number can make Paris-class effective in combat.

Stalwart-class Light Frigate[]


Role: Anti-strikecraft
Cost: Credits355 | Metal40 | Crystal5
The Stalwart-class carries the most prolific anti-fighter array of the UNSC roster. For the rest, it's armament and hull are identical to the Paris. It's exclusive to Fleet Admiral Cole.

Strident-class Heavy Frigate[]


Role: Advanced heavy frigate
Cost: CreditsN/A | MetalN/A | CrystalN/A
The highest tonnage of its class, Strident-class vessels are deployed from the Infinity-class warship via ability to support in combat operations.


Vessel Role Cost Notes
Construction ship.jpg
Gyges Construction Drone
Construction CreditsN/A
The UNSC's automated orbital construction vessel.
Hermes trade ship.jpg
Goods transporter CreditsN/A
The most common transport vessel in UNSC controlled space.


Craft Role Cost Notes
Broadsword render.jpg
Heavy interceptor/ bomber CreditsN/A
Render LongSword.jpg


Vessel Role Cost Notes
001 Athens.jpg
Heavy carrier Credits950


Old heavily armed and armored carrier, it's slow but effective in escort roles thanks to both weapons and air squadrons. Exclusive to Fleet Admiral Hood.
001 Cradle.jpg
Repair ship Credits1400


The most effective repair and refit station of the UNSC. Able to repair multiple ships at once.
Diplomacy Credits550


Diplomatic non-combat vessel.
[[File: |200px|link=Noryang-class Light Carrier]]
Light carrier Credits735


Equipped with a oversized MAC gun and improved armament, it is fast but poorly armored. Exclusive to Vice Admiral Cole
Colony ship Credits750


It can capture cleared planets and asteroids, other than creating Anchor starbases.
[[File: |200px|link=Razor-class Light Prowler]]
Special Operations


- A prowler-type vessel, capable of performing stealth and sabotage operations behind enemy lines.

- Exclusive to Vice Admiral Stanforth.

Sahara Heavy Prowler.jpg
Advanced Reconnaissance
Special Operations


- A heavy prowler-type vessel, capable of performing stealth and sabotage operations behind enemy lines.

- Exclusive to Vice Admiral Stanforth.

Prowler Credits100


- Default UNSC recon vessel.


Ship Role Cost Notes
X001 Front.png
Titan Credits25000


The most advanced and powerful craft ever build by the UNSC, even more powerful than both Punic and Thanatos. Capable of launching Strident Heavy frigates from its holds.



Structure Role Cost Notes
BXR Mining Outpost - Carbon Template:Cost-BXR Mining Outpost - Carbon -
BXR Mining Outpost - Hydrogen Template:Cost-BXR Mining Outpost - Hydrogen -
Misriah-Traxus Military Laboratory Template:Cost-Misriah-Traxus Military Laboratory -
Nomolos Space Refinery Template:Cost-Nomolos Space Refinery -
Oroses Commercial Mercantile Station Template:Cost-Oroses Commercial Mercantile Station -
Reyes-McLees Heavy Construction Yard Template:Cost-Reyes-McLees Heavy Construction Yard -
Sinoviet Dry Dock Station Template:Cost-Sinoviet Dry Dock Station -
Technique & Jotun Civic Advancement Center Template:Cost-Technique & Jotun Civic Advancement Center -
Vyrant-Atlas Communications Relay Template:Cost-Vyrant-Atlas Communications Relay -


Structure Role Cost Notes
Moncton-class Orbital Weapon Platform Long-range defensive station Template:Moncton cost Gains damage bonus against small targets.
ONI Special Assembly Plant Titan Constructor Template:ONI Special Assembly Plant cost Grants access to the Infinity-class supercarrier
Repair Yard Ship healer Template:Repair Yard cost -
Sabre Project Hangar Strike crafts hangar Template:Sabre Project Hangar cost It holds Sabre starfighters, powerful dogfighting spaceplanes which can also deliver some damage to larger vessels.
Viery-class Super OWP Long-range defensive station Template:Viery cost Gains damage bonus against large targets.