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Kheva "Shifty" Kins (3 January, 1990 - Still Alive) is a playtester for world renown mod Sins of the Prophets (SotP).

Early LifeEdit[]

KhevaKins is thought to of been born on the 3rd of January 1990 to a Hungarian gypsy women and a 1930s Polish man, as told by KhevaKins friends. He attended Clowners College near Biddadaba, Queensland (Biddadaba is a real place by the way) He took classes in Theoretical Politics, Histroy: A Thinking Mans TV and Ancient Launguages: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

KhevaKins and SotPEdit[]

Needless to say KhevaKins is the backbone that holds SotP together. His playtesting is legendary in certain circles. He was offered the postion when the powers that be reconized that KhevaKins is awsome and offered him the playtesting position. As you can see by KhevaKins picture he is known for crying about his titile, but all he wants is to be called 'Super pants, Mcfly kick face, tarantula knees'.