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Viery-class Orbital Weapons Platform


Cost: Credits1400 Metal190 Crystal165
Build Time: 115 seconds seconds.
Uses: 6 Tactical slot(s).
Hull: 6000
Armor: 0
Provisions: 12
Squadrons: 2
Twin Super MAC Damage: 150
Twin Super MAC Cooldown:
With twin SMACs and heavy armor, the Viery represents the finest in the UNSC's defensive arsenal - a weapon the Covenant truly fear


« Welcome to the blunderbuss.
A Viery commander ready to shred Covenant armor

The Viery-class Orbital Weapons Platform (OWP), also called the Orbital Defense Platform (ODP) or simply "Heavy SMAC" is a tactical structure in service to the United Nations Space Command.

It excels in defending worlds deemed to have particularly high tactical value.


« As the first and heaviest model of orbital defense platform introduced to the UNSC, the Viery-class is unmatched in pure destructive power - equipped with dual super-heavy MACs and rapid-fire capabilities. The Viery-class gains significant damage boosts against large targets and can benefit from the Microwave Generator upgrade on the Anchor starbase.
The Viery's shipyard description

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

This station is, in almost every way, a massive upgrade from its cousin, the Moncton. It has two massive "Super" magnetic accelerator cannons that fire in sequence, an extra squadron, improved range, heavier armor (allowing it to survive a direct hit from the DOS-class's lance), and the ability to boost its firepower and range even further. These SMACs hit enemy capital ships particularly hard, reducing even OSS-class battlecarriers and CAS-class assault carriers to twisted scrap in seconds. However, they are much more costly, take longer to build, they take up three times the tactical slots, and are still outranged by the Artemis-class battlecruiser and the DOS-class supercruiser. They also require researching the Anchor starbase, the platform itself, as well as the Generator upgrade if one wants to maximize their damage output.

Once set up and properly supported, these guns form defenses nearly impossible to breach by direct assault.

As with the Moncton, at the beginning of the game it is best to avoid using these structures. They are even more costly than their cousin, and their research further compiles this issue. There are few real threats presented early on, and as such, they are considered extreme overkill. But further into the game, it is recommended to build defensive lines around the front-line of any offensive engagements to ensure that UNSC controlled planets are not left unprotected when the fleet goes on the offensive. Make sure that these structures have fighter support or a small fleet with anti-strike craft units, like the Stalwart-class light frigate, otherwise enemy bombers will make short work of these stations (although not as easily as they would a Moncton.) They should also have capable anti-capital ships available in the case that a DOS-class enters the fray.



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