Vyrant-Atlas Communications Relay

Cost: Credits900 Metal100 Crystal150
Build Time: 55 seconds.
Uses: 2 Logistic slot(s).
Hull: 4500
Armor: 0
Experience value: 30
Spreads UNSC propaganda where ever they are built.


Overview[edit | edit source]

Used to increase planets allegiance through propaganda. A higher allegiance means better productivity for the planet.

History[edit | edit source]

Media giants Vyrant Telecom and Atlas Communications Corporation teamed up to build their own means of intersystem communications in order to increase their maximum broadcast range. The Vyrant-Atlas Communications Relay is the product of this partnership and has proved an effective means for communication throughout UEG controlled space, broadcasting countless infomercials and sit-coms. Under the terms of the agreement, Vyrant got broadcasting rights to the outer colonies whereas Atlas got the inner colonies-an arrangement that turned out to be equally profitable for both parties.

When the Covenant threat was officially announced by the UEG, the UNSC quickly seized control of all orbital communications arrays. The Vyrant-Atlas partnership was still allowed to broadcast using its relays, but only after extensive scrutiny by UNSC censors: much of what was broadcast turned out to be propaganda for the UNSC war machine.

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Vyrant Telecom halo.wikia

Atlas Communications Corporation halo.wikia

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