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Cost: Credits100


Build Time: 12 seconds.
Uses: 1 supply.
Hull: 500
Armor: 2

Enter Cloak

Scouting frigate - Small but fast vessel able to give intel on unclaimed star systems.


« Where do you need me to prowl?
A Winter captain ready for deployment

The Winter-class prowler is a stealthy scout ship in service to the United Nations Space Command.

It excels at scouting and obtaining intel on enemy locations or movements from out of sight.


« A small ONI vessel designed for infiltration, covert monitoring, and intel gathering. Winter-class ships are some of the most advanced ships in the UNSC fleet and make excellent scouts.
The Winter's shipyard description


In the years following the Human-Covenant War, the Office of Naval Intelligence reviewed a number of pre–2525 prowler-class designs which focused on espionage and reconnaissance over combat functionality. As a result, the Winter-class prowlers arose from this study. Constructed with a smaller, more compact frame than other prowler classes, the 84-meter-long Winter-class more closely resembles a strike-craft rather than a warship.

While not truly invisible to Covenant sensors, the Winter-class is outfitted with an impressive suite of cloaking technologies designed to distort their emissions and sensor profile. This allows these ships to trick Covenant sensors into identifying the Winter-class as a low-threat vessel, wreckage, or even a friendly ship.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

This ship has no weaponry to speak of and as such its only defense is to hide or to run. However, it is great for spying and exploring with two abilities:

  • Explore: Scouts out a nearby planet, giving real-time local intel on the entire gravity well. When autocast is on, the ship will automatically continue to search unknown gravity wells until its destruction.
    • Ship automatically moves between planets, prioritizing unexplored ones first.
  • Enter Cloak: The ship is sent into cloak, preventing ships from detecting it.
    • Renders ship unable to be targeted by weaponry unless scanned by detection-equipped ships.

One can simply set it to autocast "Explore;" with its stealth capabilities it can traverse most territory unimpeded, and is unlikely to be caught by militia fleets or pirates. It is briefly exposed on arriving in a system, so if ships are close enough to open fire it will likely be lost. It can also be left to keep an eye on a gravity well, unable to be attacked while in cloak unless approached by a ship with stealth detection.

Do not worry about losing it if it is caught and destroyed: they cost a mere 100 credits and require NO titanium or deuterium so feel free to constantly have a few of these roaming around or placed to keep watch.


  • The in-universe version of this ship is armed with two coilguns, several pulse laser turrets, and can deploy mines.



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